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3T Karate In San Antonio Has Beginner Classes Enrolling Now!

Our comprehensive martial arts programs for kids, teens, adults, and families, integrate character development, fitness, leadership skills and street smart self-defense to keep you and your family safe. We have a flexible schedule and a variety of kids and family karate, jui jitsu and self-defense classes taught in a fun, friendly environment that makes learning easy and exciting. Kids And Family Beginner Karate Classes Are Enrolling Now!

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At 3T Karate in San Antonio our philosophy is Strong Mind, Strong Body! From Confidence and Self-Esteem to Focus, Fitness, Discipline and Mental Toughness, the benefits of martial arts classes are endless. Whether you are involved in our Teen and Adult Self-Defense Classes or our Kids Karate classes, you will begin seeing the benefits in only a few short classes.


Kids Karate

Our Kids Karate classes are focused, structured, high energy and fun! We help students develop physical fitness, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and athleticism. Our Kids Karate program also teaches the life skills of Courtesy, Respect, Teamwork, Confidence, Focus, Self-Discipline and Self-Control.

Teen And Adult Karate

Teen And Adult Karate

Exercise your mind and your body while learning valuable self-defense skills in our teen and adult karate and jui-jitsu classes. Get in the best shape of your life with increased energy, strength, and flexibility while improving your focus, reducing stress and socializing with other like-minded professionals.

Family Karate

Family Karate

Family Karate Classes are a great way for kids and parents to spend quality time together while doing a healthy activity that gets them in shape and develops self-defense and anti-bullying skills. It's a great way to boost your family's confidence, help them gain self-discipline and teach them to respect themselves and others.

Specialized Karate Curriculum
for All Age Groups

Martial Arts is more than just learning self-defense and fighting skills. The Confidence, Self-Discipline and Control you and your child will develop from good Martial Arts classes can last a life-time. Our curriculum is designed to be age appropriate and our expert instructors know how to empower and encourage students of all ages to get the most from their training.

Tiny Tiger Kids Karate

Tiny Tiger Kids Karate (Age 3 - 4)

Little Tiger Kids Karate

Little Tiger Kids Karate (Age 5 - 6)

Junior Kids Karate

Junior Kids Karate (Age 7 - 12)

Family Karate

Family Karate (Age 7 - Adult)

Teen Karate

Teen Karate (Age 13 - 17)

Adult Karate

Adult Karate (Age 18 And Up)

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3T San Antonio

Dr. Seuss Day

02 March 2019

Join us for Dr. Seuss Day. We'll have arts, crafts, reading and fun. All for the little ones.

Service Send-Off Party

20 December 2018

Sensei Daesch has joined the Army National Guard. Join us for his going away / service send-off party. It's pot luck so please sign up to bring a dish.

Sword Skillz Camp

8 October 2018

Trinks-N-Kicks Skillz Camp

21 August 2018

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