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Helping Your Child Success In Their Martial Arts Training

21 Mar 2014

by Penny Pitassi at 12:47 PM

Parents bring their kids to martial arts for many different reasons.

1. To learn focus and concentration
2. To become better listeners and improve academics
3. To develop self-control, self-discipline and obedience
4. To improve self-confidence and self-esteem
5. To enhance balance, coordination and athleticism
6. Improving social skills through respect and manners
7. To learn basic martial arts and self-defense skills
8. To teach them strategic self-defense such as bully proofing and stranger alert skills

Parents play a significant role in how successful their child will be in their martial arts training. It is a long term process and children will need their parents help to set the goal to become a black belt and learn how to commit and follow through. Making the commitment to the black belt ensures they will be with 3T long enough for us to make a permanent positive impact in their lives. There are many ways you can help your child along the way. For example, always give your child ample warning before it is time to stop other activities and leave for karate class. Never ask your child if they want to go to class. Martial arts is just like school. Even when they don't "feel like it", they go anyway. After class, anchor your child's enthusiasm by asking questions and reminding them how much fun they had. Do your best to keep their attendance consistent and make up missed classes. Missed classes can lead to poor performance and will make children demotivated and is very detrimental to developing confidence. Also... don't be afraid to ask for additional help if your child needs it. Regularly scheduling short private lessons with an instructor or senior student will help them develop their martial arts and develop strong relationships that will keep them engaged and excited about their training. And then there help with home practice...

Once a child achieves green belt, regular practice at home is necessary for continued rank advancement. However, during the first year of training we encourage home practice but extremely structured home practice is not required. The most important thing is to help your child to succeed is to develop a habit of attending class consistently and enjoying their classes. We have prepared KIAI (Karate Inspiring Action Immediately) homework assignments that are age and skill appropriate and will help guide you on the types of things they should be working on at home. Keep these training tips in mind as you work together with your child.

1. Be Consistent - If you are going to practice, designate practice times and stick with them.

2. Keep Practices Short - Practice sessions should only be 10-15 minutes; even less is acceptable for beginner and very young students

3. Reward Effort - Be as encouraging as possible so students will enjoy practicing

4. Don't Be Too Picky - Slowly but surely form will improve so don't expect too much too soon; try to find two positive thigns for anything you try to correct

5. Make It Fun - This is the single most important factor in long-term success for students; keep them fun by having them teach you what they learned in class and by using various training aids such as curriculum videos and pads

Making the choice and commitment to become a black belt will be one of the most impactful things your child will ever do in their life. It will take help and encouragement from you as their parent, over the long haul, for them to obtain this momumental achievement.